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'Indestructible' Single Released

AT THE SUN release a new single and video – Indestructible

The song will be available to download and stream from all major online outlets. It will also be accompanied by a lyric video, produced by guitarist, Kieron Heavens.

Singer, Harry Dale, tells of the inspiration behind the song, “Indestructible is song about overcoming adversity and its a song very personal to us. Adversity in this case, is Cancer, the big C.

As cancer affects so many lives, including our band members who have lost loved ones, we wanted to write a song we could dedicate to the people we’ve lost, and sing for the ones who have fought and continue to fight.

Kieron (guitar) came to me with the idea of Indestructible, his mum had beaten cancer a few years back and he’d started writing but never quite got to complete it. He showed me the music and I instantly loved it. I took it home and worked on the lyrics for a couple of days. I thought about the experience’s some of my family and friends around me had been through, and with my own experiences with mental health. With those thoughts it came together how we wanted. Thus, Indestructible was born.

We hope this can be a source of inspiration to anyone who comes across the song. If you’re suffering, be it with physical or mental health, then you’re not alone and there is a fight to be won!”

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